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The Ubiquitous Pizza

April 19, 2011

Photograph: rdpeyton, flickr

30 pizzas have been eaten by Lee and myself since the beginning of this year, and I’m sure many more will follow. The pizza has got to be one of my favourite meals, but it’s got a reputation as a quick and easy back-up meal for when you can’t be bothered to cook anything else. To be honest, it is.

The problem is that you can decide you want a pizza and then be eating it all within 12 minutes. If you’re hungry, busy or just lazy, a pizza is a stock meal that you’ll have in your freezer (and you’ll often be disappointed when you don’t).

If I wanted to, I could sit here and tell you that pizza is so much more than the frozen slab of cheese you shove in the oven after a busy day. But I’m not going to, I think it’s fast food at it’s best. Not only is it so quick and easy, but it can also be healthy, and the varieties are endless and customizable. It’s probably the greatest food known to man or woman.

I really want to go to Italy, not just for pizza, but if I did go would I be put off pizza? I’m sure pizza in Italy is amazing, but that’s the problem. What if I came back and the Goodfellas frozen pizza is just not up to scratch anymore? I would starve.

Eaten today:

8:20 – Bran flakes
13:00 – Club sandwich, crisps
14:30 – Doughnut
18:30 – Doritos, chilli
19:30 -Schoko milch riegel

This post has also been posted to my Posterous, which I created last night. You may find that I set up Posterous to auto-post to OCN because I’m getting sick of the sight of the WordPress dashboard…

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