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Chocolate Footballer’s Names

April 21, 2011

Yesterday, the chocolate 5-a-side team were named, and Tom will name his team early next week. However, the team was missing great footballer names so we decided to put the question out on Twitter and Facebook and have had a huge number of responses. Below are some of the best entries and who they were submitted by:

Chocolate Lion (bar) Messi

Freddo Ljungberg – by @Adam_J_M
Oreo Ferdinand – by @Adam_J_M
Sylvan Ebanks-Flake – by @Adam_J_M
Lee Kit-Cattermole – by @Adam_J_M
Snickerlas Anelka – by @Adam_J_M
Crunchie Crouch – by @leef352
Rolo Van Persie – by @leef352
Dwight Yorkie – by @leef352
John Terry’s chocolate orange – by Sean Allen Long
Lion (bar) Messi – by Sean Allen Long
Paulo Ferreira Rocher – by Sean Allen Long & @kipper889
Mark Overmars bar – by @danMwilliams & @kipper889
Nestle Galaxy Carrollmel – by @kipper889
Melchiot Way – by @kipper889
Danny Roses – by @kipper889
Ronaldo toffee Chrispiano – by @kipper889
Fry’s Turkish Zak Knight – by @kipper889
Brian Twix – by @kipper889
Daim Ba – by @kipper889

Vote for your favourite and add more on our Facebook question.

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