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WARNING…Future Food

April 22, 2011

Technology is completely revolutionising the world around us, and on the whole, making our whole lives easier, more diverse, efficient and in many cases cheaper. Food is no stranger to these dramatic changes, and the rise of supermarkets, global suppliers, food miles, self scan, shopping apps and world produce are just some of the signs of what is to come…

And if the shopping experience isn’t enough for you to look forward to, how about never getting food poisoning again? Today new packaging was in the news which changes colour to show when fresh produce has gone off.

Scientists have invented a sensor film which changes from yellow to blue to indicate when meat or fish has gone bad. The film responds to biogenic amines, the molecules produced when foods such as meat and fish decay.

Unlike the ‘best before’ date, the information on the sensor film is not based on an estimate but on an actual control of the food itself.

Now enjoy looking through what I’ve eaten today and at what time. If only there was edible RFID that would record exactly what I was eating, how long it was in my body for, and when it come out… Actually, maybe the world’s not ready for that yet!

10.15 Poached Egg on Toast followed by a Lindt egg
12.00 Raspberry, Strawberry and Orange Juice from Juice Moose Plymouth
14.10 Cheese and Ham grilled wrap, quavers & Skinny Cow
19.55 Chicken Fajitas, pitta, nacho’s, olives, salsa & greek yogurt
20.15 Skinny Cow

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