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Are you a 'Fruit Chew' Fatty?

April 25, 2011

Photo Credit: kayaker1204 on Flickr

It’s sometimes not hard to think you’re eating a healthy meal, when you’re actually gorging on some maxi calorie, fattening treats. It’s not made any easier by marketers who are out to trick us into misjudging the calorific content of our food and leading us to believe we will loose more weight than going for a run, in an ambitious bid to make as many sales as possible.

We’ve all become a lot more savvy to marketers ‘healthy’ salad tricks that actually have the nutritional value of a Big Mac, but today it emerged that some people aren’t so sure about jelly beans… In a piece of research by the Wall Street  Journal of Consumer Research 170 students were offered either ‘fruit chews’ or ‘candy chews’. When the Jelly Beans were called ‘candy chews’, the dieters rated them as significantly less tasty. Dieters also ate 25 percent more of them when they were called ‘fruit chews’.

The good thing is dieters are trying to eat healthy sounding food, however, no matter what you call them, a jelly bean is still only a jelly bean.

Eaten Today:

09.45 Bran Flakes with Banana
12.55 Stonebread (marketer new term for pizza) with tomato, basil and mozzarella salad and garlic bread.
20.35 Pasta with bacon and tomato sauce
22.20 Skinny Cow Ice Cream

And Finally…

We want to show the world your dinner! Next time you cook a good looking dinner, send us the picture on Facebook and we’ll add it to the readers dinners on Facebook.


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