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Exam Season: The Carrot Is The Stick

May 1, 2011

Everyone and anyone who has ever had to revise and prepare for exams would agree that the revision is one of the hardest things to motivate yourself to do! I’m sure it hasn’t got any harder over the years, and before the internet there must have been different types of distractions to ensure sufficient procrastination occurred. The internet, Facebook, Twittter, blogs, games, etc, all make it a lot harder, so the question is, how do you motivate yourself to revise?

Food. I’ve just found (probably far too late) a method that works for me… ‘Power Hours’. The Power Hour is an hour of solid revision with no distractions, where any type of distractions and phone are not allowed. You aim for about 4 power hours a day, so instead of sitting in front of your screen all day getting no where, do 4 or 5 hours of solid revision and reward yourself by taking the rest of the time to let it all go in and having breakfast, lunch, threezees or dinner.

Food also comes in as the stick. You have to keep working and finish a power hour before you can eat. Go on Facebook, go hungry! Simple.

The Foodie Experiment: Day 121

08.55 A bit of Laura’s Scone
10.30 Bran Flakes, Sultana and Banana
13.40 Ham Sandwich, KitKat Chunky and a couple of Laura’s Quavers
17.45 Crisps
20.25 Spaghetti Bolognese followed by fruit salad


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