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Exam Season: Where does all the time go?

May 3, 2011

My first exam is tomorrow and the ‘revision time’ has flown by! All the revision tips pages online tell you not to leave revision until the last minute, which is easy for them to say, sat smug behind their geeky entrance to virtual atmosphere. As I’m sure most normal people will understand I have left it a bit late and so have a lot of cramming to do before tomorrow so tonight’s post is a quick one alerting you to some other potentially useful posts:

1) How to revise using Power HoursRevising without all the distractions.
2) Top 10 foods that boost your memoryA list of the top 10 foods that might give you a better chance of remembering all that revision…
3) How to overcome test nervesBased around overcoming driving test nerves (the worst kind of nerves!) so should be transferable to exams too.

And my top tip to keeping your brain working is take breaks and do nothing on your breaks – watch docile tv like cartoons or TOWIE. And drink LOTS – tea and coffee are meant to help you remember things, as is red wine (in small doses) and water will suffice the rest of the time.

Food Experiment:

08.45 Bran Flakes, Sultana, Banana
14.10 Beef and Tomato Wholegrain Sandwich with Pumpkin Seeds, Grapes, Blackberries and Blue Berries.
19.50 Cod, rice and broccoli with rosemary (weird)
Nibbled: More grapes, pumpkins seeds and blackberries and a breakaway bar and one little pineapple strawberry thing…

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  1. May 3, 2011 11:09 pm

    Good luck with the exam tomorrow. I am currently taking a break from writing essay and really considering that red wine tip. That small dose thing is the problem though…

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