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The Salad Con

May 5, 2011

Salad has become one of those words that means nothing to anyone. Much like the way ‘restaurant’ is applied to everything from McDonalds to fine dining Michelin star establishments, salad is applied to everything from pasta to cous cous to actual salad leaves.

Where does it end? Should we just add salad to the end of any food that looks remotely healthy, or is that too limiting? Pizza salad has a certain ring to it, perhaps slices of different pizzas put into a bowl could be known as a salad.

In fact, I think the word salad is becoming a replacement for ‘variety’. For example, would you like a variety of cheeses? Becomes, would you like salad of cheeses? Or even a cheese salad. It makes me sick, and I’ve not even had a cheese salad.

Ironically, on day 125 of the food listing challenge, I’ve eaten a bowl of ‘salad’:

8:30 Golden Nugget salad
13:00 Crispbreads with cheese and chive philidelphia salad, fruit salad of banana and apple
17:00 Chilli sensations (a crisp salad)
19:20 Salad bowl, cheese and bacon tart salad

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