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Multi Million Pound OCN Advertising Campaign

May 7, 2011

One Chicken Nugget (OCN) founders today announced some of the details for their multi-million pound advertising campaign and unveiled plans for the new set of features coming your way later this month. The plan included a series of 3 different prime time television ads starring celebrities such as Rowen Atkinson, Emmanuel Eboue, Russell Brand and Kim Kardashian.

Other A-Listers set to join the ‘guest blogging’ team, documenting their food consumption habits over the next 10 weeks, include Pippa Middleton, Ed Milliband, Oprah Winfrey, Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross, Jack Wiltshire and members of the Ivory Coast football team. The founders also said this was a provisional list set to grow exponentially by June.

Breakfast in China

Details have also emerged that the bloggers will film a ‘World Nugget Series’ giving local communities around the world the opportunity to try out weird and wacky foods from other cultures in their ‘Round the World’ programme of stops. Lee said:

we wanted to give residents of all different cultures around the world the opportunity to try something totally different to what they’re used to. For instance in China, the prospect of cereals for breakfast is alien, whilst in Britain we might turn our noses at fish eggs first thing in the morning…

The ‘Round the World’ Program will also see bloggers go in search for the best dish in the world; the worst restaurant in the world; dinner with the Obama’s; and they will be set some tough questions to answer in the ‘Food Factory’ section… The questions will include:
Obama Food

  • Why do we eat Chicken and not Cats?
  • Where do you learn what to do with an egg?
  • Why we use bread to make sandwiches.

The series is set to come to a grand finale on World Food Day, when up to 2 bn people will document ever item of food they eat on 16th October in the largest scale piece of food research ever conducted, utilising social networking tools.

Watch this space for more details, and it is of course all subject to one minor detail:

The bloggers win the Euro Millions £85 Jackpot this Tuesday 10th May.

Until Then, Food Experiment Day 127:

10.55 Poached egg on toast and a Penguin
15.35 Cheese and Tomato Toastie, Penguin and Quavers
19.15 Pastitsio (beef and macaroni pie with cinnamon, red wine and parmesan cheese)
20.40 Lindt tiny egg x1, Magnum white

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