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You are what you eat, and what you’ve eaten eats, and so on

May 9, 2011

Everyone knows the phrase ‘you are what you eat’, but a much lesser used phrase is ‘you are what you’ve eaten eats’. It’s a factor rarely considered.

Pig in mud

Photo by Judy van der Velden

If we try to eat healthy by watching what we eat, how do we know what the food your eating ate and weather or not it’s healthy? This could get even more complicated, the further up the food chain the animal you’re eating is the further this chain can go on.

I think it’s best to not worry about it. If you can’t help but be concerned then be a vegan.

If I knew that the pig whose bacon I was eating had been rolling around in mud everyday and eating anything it came across would I still eat it? Yes because that’s what pigs do.

Today’s food list:

8:30 Frosties
13:20 Sandwiches, wraps, crisps, fruit kebab (not entirely sure if this is it’s real name, but it was various fruits on a stick)
19:10 Chilli

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