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The Apprentice 2011: What both teams missed

May 10, 2011

Lee has beaten me to it on The Apprentice 2011 post. It was always going to happen, The Apprentice was about food.

So rather than go back over old ground, here is one thing they could have done but didn’t. If they bought their produce and then stuck a label on that said ‘Organic’ would they then have been able to ramp up the price?

Obviously they would have to buy organic food, otherwise it would be morally wrong, sort of.

List of food consumed in the last 24 hours:

8:20 Frosties
13:00 Bacon sandwich, banana, apple, kit-kat
19:00 Pizza
21:00 Kit kat

(Yes, 2 kitkats in one day, and three different spellings)

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