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Do You Eat Your Skin?

May 11, 2011

Photo Credit: abbyladybug on Flickr

Not too many people will stop to peel the skin off their apple, fewer the skin of their plum and I barely know anyone who peels their grapes.

However almost the opposite rule applies for other fruit such as oranges, bananas and definitely coconuts!

There is a bit of ambiguity around some other fruits and the most problematic fruit is the kiwi. I probably defiantly know more people who peel their kiwi than don’t, but there are no shortage of people who eat kiwis like plums or apples. Today a certain Steve Boss Man also told me he eats the skin of his lemons!

Then there are those fruits with no ambiguity around them; I have never seen anyone eat a coconut or grapefruit without removing its outer layer.

Finally are those that I’ve never seen anyone even attempt to separate from their skin, such as blackberries or blueberries!

Photo Credit: SingChan on Flickr

Those still looking to take this post much further than it possibly needs to go might ask what about double layered skin products such as the orange or even the pomegranate? To those people I say I simply don’t know.

With & Without Skin Today:

08.50 Bacon Roll, Clementine & Banana
12.20 Thai Chicken Baguette
16.50 Tomato and mozzarella Baguette & Chocolate Nuts
21.00 (Dinner 2) Vegetable Chow Mein with 5 mini spring rolls & an ice cream cone

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