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A Toast to Bread

May 18, 2011

Some things in life are just better toasted – but not everything. Take Marmite for example, today I tried it on bread and it simply didn’t compare to the crusty heat of a piece of white toasted bread.

Then there is a beef and horseradish sandwich or afternoon tea and you wouldn’t really consider crisping the mouthwatering soft mouth cushion.

But the killer question lies with the bacon sandwich. Would you rather have it toasted or on soft bread?

How do you like your bacon sandwich?

  • In Hot Crispy Toasted White
  • In Fresh Soft White Bread

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Eaten Today:

10.15 Penguin x2
Nibbled Weetabix Minis
14.20 A truly exceptional ham, cheese and tomato baguette with sweet chilli mayo.
18.10 Marmite on bread
19.45 Lemon Cod, Rice and Baked Tomato
20.10 Penguin

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