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Slogans for Lunch and Sauces for Dinner

May 19, 2011

Right, I’ll start off by explaining what I have eaten today and then describe to you how I have eaten slogans for lunch and sauces for dinner.

No breakfast
12:45 Cheese and tomato chutney sandwich, apple, banana, kitkat
18:00 Pasta with red devil sauce (salad bar at the Harvester, Coventry), burger with chips and chilli sauce, Honeycomb Explosion

The slogans: At lunchtime today I took a break (had a kitkat) and then completed my meal (had a can of Coke at the end).

The sauces: Tash got offered a job yesterday! So tonight we went out to the Harvester. For some reason they’re all about sauces, everything is draped in one or more of them. The salad bar has about 10 choices of sauce, whatever main you order it will come with at least one sauce and probably already have one on it and the desert I had had two sauces too.

I have nothing against sauces but there is a limit. That limit is the point at which your meal becomes a bit sickly, which was half way through my burger. Fear not, I ploughed on through, without fear of sauce poisoning and completed the entire course of sauces.

Sauces eaten: Red devil sauce, chilli sauce, mayonnaise, belgian chocolate sauce and Devonshire toffee sauce. Five sauces, 2 courses.

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