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Tarja Tucker

May 21, 2011

So this is a bit of a touristy food blog for a great weekend I had travelling out to Berlin recently. The main mission was to get to the Columbiahalle to see Gothic Symphonic Metal Queen Tarja Turunen in concert – it may look a bit like a liquid refreshment blog in places, but hey-ho it was a hot few days 😉

clip_image002The weekend got off to an early 4am start on Saturday (so no time for breakfast at Holly’s place) and by the time we drove to Heathrow, parked the car, checked in etc we just had enough time for a quick “double-berry muffin” and a coffee from Pret A Manger.

clip_image004The BMI flight left at 7:00 am sharp and to our surprise a light, free snack was provided on-board in the form of a warm “egg mayo and mushroom ciabatta”, (simple & filling) more coffee and an OJ followed.

Upon arriving in Berlin (circa 9am local-time), we immediately got into the touristy stuff – Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, Magdeburg Cathedral etc which didn’t leave much time for lunch. Accordingly, a light Heineken provided some welcome “rehydration” as we relaxed in one of the plazas near the French and German domed churches. As we got closer to 2pm, hunger indeed set in but by that time, a mate of Holly’s had invited us over for an impromptu BBQ at 4pm. So immediate food needs were sacrificed for an interesting, local Berlin beer (“rot oder grün”) that was coloured green (from some forest herb that gets added to it) – it was very nice though.


The BBQ at Mathias and Andrea’s was superb (many thanks guys) and while the carnivores tucked into all kinds of German meats/sausages etc, I opted for the Vegan vegetable kebabs and baked potato with coleslaw option – delicious! (OK, there were several Weissbiers in there as well to complement it all…)


After the BBQ it was time to check into our hotel and get ready for the gig. Food at the gig itself was mainly of the salty pretzel variety, so conscious of “too much salt in our diet”, Holly and I again went for some Weissbier! And “yes”, the gig was great: Markize were the French support band and Tarja’s band rocked the place solid until 11pm with regular Weissbiers for us throughout!


Later, back at the hotel, the Catwalk bar provided a final snack in the form of their trademarked “New Look” cocktail! … ah, and then a good nights sleep!

Saturday Food/Drink
Breakfast Double-berry Muffin; Egg Mayo & Mushroom ciabatta; OJ; Coffee
Lunch Vegetable Kebabs (Courgette, Peppers, Aubergine); Coleslaw; Baked Potato; German bread; Heineken; Weissbeer; Green Coloured Berliner Beer
Tea L
Dinner Weissbeer!!
Late “New Look Cocktail” 

Piece of cake

So we got up at a more reasonable time on the Sunday and the big dilemma was “gym/pool/sauna first, then breakfast” or “breakfast first then gym/pool/sauna”. An element of hunger forced the latter option. The hotel breakfast buffet was outstanding, so a good time was had by all.


… and we did indeed do the gym/swim/sauna bit a little later.

Most of the day was spent visiting the Potsdam area of Berlin, so again liquid refreshment was required rather than food bearing in mind the massive breakfast! By 4pm it was time to get back to the airport to check in for our return flight, so a tasty Camembert salad sandwich just before boarding went down a treat! The flight back was full but uneventful; we all had a Cheddar & Pickle Sandwich and some coffee from our kind hosts BMI.

Sunday Food/Drink
Breakfast Various breads; cheeses; potatoes, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, jam, cucumber; OJ; Coffee
Lunch Vitamin drink, Peppermint tea
Tea Camembert Salad Sandwich
Dinner Cheddar & Pickle Sandwich; apple Danish; pear tartlet; coffee

I can thoroughly recommend Berlin; the people are fantastic, the city itself has been rebuilt with high levels of authentic architectural detail, the beer is great and so was the weather. Many thanks to Stephen & Estella, Matthias & Andrea for sharing your beautiful city with us.

by… L0r

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