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3 Reasons I Hate The Daily Mail

May 25, 2011


It’s garbage.


If you actually read the middle pages on health, you will live in a cardboard box for fear of contracting cancer from literally any food.


They once published a list of food myths, one was “needing a fruit and vegetable intake of 5-a-day is a myth”. The opportunity was there for them to say “actually you need more than 5-a-day”, instead they printed “actually you need much less”. As if anyone needs more encouragement to have a diet consisting of crisps alone. Actually, it’s very healthy to be morbidly obese.

As you can see I have very little to write about today, although I did write on social media news elsewhere. Today I have had the regular toast for breakfast, followed by cold pizza for lunch and an apple. I’ve just had meatballs and pasta, which was great. I then disturbed some angry haribo bears, and ate them…

The haribo bears couldn't take much more of the Coca-Cola polar bear's disregard for their littering policy.

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