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Milk and More: Price Difference Analysed

May 30, 2011

You may have noticed ‘Milk and More’ pop up all over the place on the internet and more recently television in an ambitious attempt to take on the supermarkets and throw us all back into the 19th century of glass bottles. On the 13th February this year, the marketing was good enough to pull me in and since then I have been enjoying all the benefits (including a wake up call from the milkman) ever since.

Photo Credit: fox_kiyo on Flickr

After nearly 4 months, I think I am now more than qualified to give it a review… Today I’ll focus on price.


1 Pint Milk
Milk & More: 65p
Supermarket*: 48p

Kingsmill 50/50 Bread Medium Cut
Milk & More: £1.55
Supermarket*: £1.25 (ASDA 2 for £2.00)

Free Range Large Eggs 1/2 dozen
Milk & More: £1.85
Supermarket*: £1.57

Clover Lighter 500g
Milk & More: £1.99
Supermarket*: £2.00

McVities Digestives Biscuits 400g
Milk & More: £1.05
Supermarket*(500g): 94p

*Supermarket prices are calculated using an average based on

Day 152:

12.30 Poached Egg on Toast
15.40 Halloumi Roll with coriander and tomatoes
19.55 Dough Strips with Garlic Butter, Cajun Chicken Calzone & Honeycomb Pancakes
21.00 Chocolate Raisins and some fruit pastels

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