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Exploding Melons

May 31, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, the Guardian reported the story of exploding watermelons on a Chinese farm. They lost an awful lot of their watermelon crop after they mistakenly added a growth accelerator chemical, causing them to explode “like landmines”.

This opens up a bit of a debate into tampering with nature. Although farming the things in the first place is surely tampering somewhat. How far can we go though? I don’t think there needs to be a limit at the moment. Obviously we need to regulate the use of such chemicals, but as we stare into the face of food insecurity we may not have any choice but to eat exploding watermelons, amongst other things.

No exploding watermelons today for me:

8:20 Toast x2
12:40 Left over lasagne, apple, banana
18:40 Stir fry, garlic bread, Gu chocolate thing and ice cream <- all cooked by Tash… and all very nice (thanks!)

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