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June 1, 2011

Cooking. It’s something that has throughout history always been part of the ‘woman’s role’ in the household. But as times change history changes too and the woman’s movement has gone a very long way, where largely in England sexism doesn’t exist anywhere near the scale it did back then. But one thing hasn’t changed… BBQ’s.

Wherever there is a BBQ you can be sure that a man won’t be too far away, it has always been that way, and I have never been to a BBQ cooked by a woman. Why?

One man and his BBQ

Answer in BBQ 2.1 (after I have conducted some further research with some very influential BBQ and gender figures.

08.10 Toast with Marmite
13.40 Chicken and Bacon Roll with rocky bar x3
14.50 Clementine x2 & Banana
19.35 BBQ – Sausage x3, Cheese and Leek Sausage x2, Burger in a bun, Lamb Kebab (all courtesy of my vintage friend’s mum)


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