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The Spork: not an innovation

June 1, 2011

Sometimes you see something, so simple yet so effective. Something that combines two or more processes and improves them both – you call it an innovation, the best thing since sliced bread. The spork is not one of these things.

Photo credit: Spenser Coke

The  spork has been designed to be used as a fork and a spoon, yet it does neither well. In fact it does both awfully. Would you eat soup with a spork? No. In honesty the spork is more of a fork than a spoon, but it’s like if somebody looked at the wheel and said, “that needs to be squarer”. You would ignore them, so why not the spork?

I think it’s because of the name. The name is the only innovative part of the spork, and that’s a stretch. At best the spork is a novelty item, something you would win in a cracker and laugh at before chucking it in the bin without another thought.

Here is what I ate today:

8:20 Toast x2
13:00 Pita with dairylee x2, apple, banana
14:10 Millionaires cheesecake, courtesy of @LEAFChief
18:00 Beef in red wine with new potatoes and carrot
21:00 Flapjack bites x2 (post match meal)


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