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Gnocchi: What is it, how is it made and how the hell do you pronounce it?!

June 4, 2011

Lets start with the basics. Gnocchi is one of those words that may as well have been created by somebody bashing a keyboard, it sounds nothing like it’s spelt. It is correctly pronounced “Nyo-Kee”, to hear how this sounds click here.

Gnocchi is not pasta. It is actually a term that applies to various forms of soft, thick dumplings, which can be made from many different things. I’ve only ever eaten potato gnocchi, so that’s what I’ll tell you how to make.

Making Potato Gnocchi

At it’s simplest, you need potatoes, water and flour. Boil the potatoes, and mash (ideally use a potato ricer). Add plain flour and work into a dough (it’s sticky) – potatoes are made up of mainly water so be prepared to use lots of flour. Once you have a dough, divide it into small tubular pieces (dumplings). Boil the dumplings until they float. Best served with a sauce of some kind. The best I’ve had was a cheese sauce, I think they go together really well. For precise instructions from a professionals go here.

Potato Gnocchi

A simple sauce that I made consisted of one can of chopped tomatoes, freshly picked coriander and chilli flakes. It was then blended and heated.

So that’s some what I’ve eaten today, here is the rest:

Toast x2
Flapjack bite
Philadelphia on crusty bread, chilli sensations
Pringles with sweet chilli dip, and Philadelphia and chive (home grown) dip
Gnochhi (as above), with sauce
White chocolate Magnum

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