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The Terrace Café & Bar Plymouth: Reviewed

June 5, 2011

Today I had lunch at the Terrace Café & Bar Plymouth, returning after having a fantastic Frappé coffee there on Friday in the sun. The Terrace possibly has the best venue in Plymouth with panoramic views of the Sound where you can sit and watch the hours pass by…

The Terrace Plymouth

Photo Credit: Terrace Facebook Page

Terrace Bar

Photo Credit: Me

In the summer, you can’t beat it. Their food range is extensive considering their size, and their drinks are a tasty collection of delicious favourites. I personally thought their Frappé was one of the best I’ve had and my brother said the strawberry milkshake was one of the best he’d had. Even in the bad weather you can sit under the covers and enjoy a hot chocolate or a pot of tea and listen to the rain hit against the roof and patter on the sea.

Their opening hours are from 8am until late (which I’m led to believe is 11pm if the weather is good) and they have live music scheduled in throughout the summer . For me, if you’re making a trip to Plymouth, the Terrace is unmissable; if not for the view, for the friendly bar staff, quick service and delectable range of treats.

Eaten Today:

11.05 Toast x3 with Peanut Butter
14.20 Bacon & Brie Panini with salad from The Terrace
19.00 Chilli Sausage Pasta with Cheese topped roll
23.30 Chocolate biscuits x6

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