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Why advertise how much you waste as a positive thing?

June 5, 2011

Both myself and Lee have been to various Spud-U-like restaurants this year already. I really enjoyed my potato when I went, even though the fork-type-thing is awful.

Photo credit: Elliott Brown

The one thing that I really didn’t like was the large poster on the wall of the Birmingham SpudULike, announcing that once a potato is over an hour old it is thrown away. When I cook a potato in the oven, as they do, it’s probably in there for an hour and I don’t chuck it out, I eat it!

It’s strange to think about how much time and effort goes into producing food, especially when it ends up in the bin. A potato can take around 4 months to grow, yet after an hour of being cooked it can be thrown away.

At this time, when food waste, food security and food in general is in the news every day, wasting anything is a huge no! I’m not entirely sure what happens to these ‘old’ potatoes, but I would be interested to find out. Unfortunately the spudulike website is not much help, in fact it’s pretty awful. Which ruins the whole ‘potato websites are good’ theory. There isn’t even an email address, so they ‘weren’t available for comment’, because I couldn’t ask them!

If anybody at spudulike reads this please do get in touch, we’ve tried to make that pretty easy to do…

Day 156 of the food listing challenge:

13:00 Ginger and chilli salmon fishcake x2, doritos
13:30 Haribo, flapjack bite
19:10 Roast lamb, mint sauce, beans, carrot, potato, broccoli

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