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Your Favourite Sandwich

June 7, 2011

For the past 50 years, a British food invention of  Chorleywood has spread across the world; processed long life white bread (the bread that over 80% of Britons eat).

Photo Credit: mynameisharsha on Flickr

So in celebration of 50 years to the day, we asked readers and friends what was their favourite filling for a white bread sandwich. The results are in:

Which do you think is the strangest?


The last of the English food before I travel over to Barcelona:

08.15 Warm Bread with Marmite x2
13.30 Salad and a Twix
19.10 Chocolate Biscuits x5
20.00 Hot and Spicy Chicken x2 with Spicy Wedges and Peas
20.15 Melon, Grapes and Blackberries

Barcelona Preview:

As well as sampling as much of the food Barcelona has to offer, I will also be attempting to do 1 photo of the day which may or may not be related to food.

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