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Dig out your wellies this Sunday!

June 10, 2011

Why I’ll be digging out my wellies this Sunday and getting down to my local farm…
Guest Nugget by Justine, a farming fanatic!

I’m lucky enough to live in a relatively rural village on the outskirts of Rugby in Warwickshire. I’m surrounded by wonderful countryside and am on speaking terms with the local farmer. I’ve even been known to give him a cheery wave when I’m out working in the garden. But, in a moment of contemplation (whilst worrying about the state of my rain deprived lawn), I found myself wondering how much I really know about what’s going on in the fields around me. I have come to love and respect these fields, they give me a reassuring sense of place and rhythm as I watch them change throughout the year.

I can identify the crops and know that they are grown in rotation, but where do the crops go when they are harvested? What are they used for? Why is my friendly farmer growing beans and not peas for example? Does the wheat I watched being sown end up in my bread?

It turns out that I know very little about what goes on beyond the hedge. Let alone my twelve year old son, who whizzes past these fields on his bike almost every day.

Which is exactly why we’ll be pulling on our wellies this Sunday and visiting our local farm for Open Farm Sunday. Farms up and down the country are flinging open their gates to welcome visitors, just like us. People who drive and walk past fields every day and just want to get to know them a whole lot better. Why not take a leap over the hedge yourself this Sunday and find a farm near you that’s opening up?


2 slices of toast and honey
Egg and cress sandwich
Rhubarb yogurt
Shortbread biscuit x 2 (homemade, yummy!)
Chickpea and tomato sauce with rice
Tunnocks marshmallow teacake x 2 (very naughty!)

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