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The Problem With Cosmos, Coventry

June 13, 2011

You might mistake this for a swipe at Cosmos, Coventry. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, they are literally so good that it’s a problem.

The problem is you can eat all you like. Never bother going if you are on a diet, it’s just a one way ticket to obesity in there. The food could have minimal calories (I don’t know how many calories there are, and I don’t want to) but you will eat until you feel ill. It’s a place for Roman style banqueting where you eat until full, vomit, and then eat some more. It’s that good.

The only problem with my visit today, other than the now imminent obesity, was having a tray full of drinks poured over me. I was fairly lucky and I received only a light splattering, the floor was not so lucky.

Food today:

8:20 Frosties

12:20 Bread, cheese, doritos, strawberries and cream, millionaires flapjack GU

18:30 Cosmos: chilli beef, spring rolls, prawn crackers, rice, salt and pepper chicken, bbq fried pork, cosmo ShangHai-style chicken, noodles, pork fried rice, abo gobi, vegetable jalfrezi, rice, popadom, naan, followed by fudge, chocolate ice cream, marshmallow, profiterole and a few mint imperials


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