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Slop Bucket Needed for Sloppy Journalism at the Daily Mail

June 16, 2011

You have to have concerns with Defra, being a Governmental department they play a large role in running the country, and in one of the most important areas – environment, food and rural affairs. You would hope that nobody working for them reads the Daily Mail. At the same time you have to give them huge credit for bashing the idiots when they get it wrong.

The Myth: The Daily Mail’s Stephen Glover today claims that everyone will be “forced” to use food waste bins, saying “Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman has decreed that every household in England must press a slop bucket into action”.
The Truth: This is completely and utterly wrong. Mr Glover is repeating false claims published in yesterday’s Daily Mail (Wednesday 15 June). There is nothing that the Government either published or said this week which can justify the Mail’s claim. Where local communities want a local solution for collecting smelly waste, we’ll help councils deliver that – but we won’t be forcing councils or households to adopt any type of collections if it isn’t what householders want.

~ Defra

As a side note, Defra should be doing all they can sustainability wise and if they make steps to making Britain more sustainable then they should be praised not slated. Therefore, Daily Mail… shut up.

Eaten so far today

8:20 Toast x2
13:00 Bacon sandwich, apple

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