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Quick Review: The Peace Café Plymouth

June 21, 2011

I had lunch with my robot impersonator friend Anne today at the Peace Café in Plymouth, a place I have become a quite frequent visitor since I realised it existed. It looks like a social enterprise but don’t quote me on that, and it only sells vegetarian food. That doesn’t limit them to only mushrooms however, and in all my visits I haven’t had a bad meal. In fact they’ve all been delicious.

Peace Cafe Plymouth

It looks a but like a house, so I think most people might be a bit scared to walk in initially, but once you take the leap of faith it’s defiantly worth it, with friendly staff; competitive prices; a calm look and feel; and amongst all delicious mouthwatering food! Their opening hours are 11am until 5pm.

Eaten Today:

09.45 Weetabix x3 with banana
12.55 Some sort of vegetarian pancake with tomato sauce and salad
18.55 Indian Curry with Poppadoms, Sag Aloo, Garlic Naan and Onion Bhaji in Brixham for Laura’s Birthday
Nibbled biscuit x2

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