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HOW TO: The Perfect Cup of Tea

June 23, 2011

It’s official (according to the Cravendale website), Cravendale milk is best for the perfect cuppa. In their recent report, ‘Cravendale Makes The Best Report’ they revealed the formula to the optimum cup of tea following research conducted by University of Northumbria’s School of Life Science. Here is their formula:

Cravendale tea

In the seemingly pointless piece of research that has been conducted here, it was also found that most people think they make the best cuppa, with partners coming in a not so close second.

To read the blatant, although somewhat interesting advert for Cravendale, you will find it here, with a simple step by step guide for those who need a little bit of extra help…

cravendale in tea

Eaten Today:

09.15 Weetabix x3 with a banana
13.10 Piri Piri Chicken baguette
15.50 Doughnut
20.05 Roast Chilli Beef with rice, onion and carrots
21.00 Chocolate raisins, chocolate fingers x5

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