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Why Sandwiches?

June 23, 2011

Sandwiches have become an integral part of my life. As once pointed out by Steve (occasional OCN guest blogger), I eat a lot of beef salad sandwiches. That’s not the case at the moment, I’ve strayed between bacon, cheese with tomato chutney and cheese and onion, more than I’ve indulged in the old favourite beef salad. But why sandwiches? You’re about to experience a food history lesson that you won’t forget (for at least a few seconds).


Photograph: Roybn Lee | Flickr

Why we eat sandwiches

Lord Sandwich did not invent the sandwich. The first sandwich was in fact the pretentious open sandwich. A stale slice of bread was used as a plate and then fed to the dog or peasant, whichever was the better beggar probably.

The sandwich was popularised in Britain, thanks to our laziness. Lord Sandwich was a big card player, and also a greedy sandwich eater, but didn’t like eating slabs of meat on their own. Nobody likes greasy cards! So instead he shoved the meat between two slices of bread and the sandwich took off with like-minded lazy British folk.

So that’s why you sandwiches are so prevalent now days, they are the ultimate lazy fast food.

Today in food:

13:00 Bacon sandwich, apple, crisps
15:00 Biscuit

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