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Packaging: Do We Need It?

June 25, 2011

‘The People’s Supermarket’ was an idea that spawned from the USA, or at least it was happening there before it was here. Now that seems to have taken off fairly well, no doubt helped by the documentary series. The next big thing is soon to launch in the USA, the first zero-packaging grocery store. We apparently have one here in the UK

Kenco played with the idea in their adverts, even though it was a mockery, and markets, produce boxes and grow-your-own are becoming the ‘good’ way to feed yourself. So, is the zero packaging idea the next step? Or will it prove to be a flop in the US and go bad before it makes it over here, you decide…

Today in food:

13:00 4 types of crisps from a plastic bag
15:30 Sainsburys salad bowl
16:00 Fudge, flapjack
19:10 Curry, rice
20:30 Magnum

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