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Food on Facebook

June 28, 2011

Of the biggest pages on Facebook guess who makes up the most popular?

Well the top one is Texas Holdem on Facebook, followed by Facebook, followed by YouTube and other celebrities are mingling around the top too. But in and amongst all of those pages are a food and drinks brands. In the top 10 branded pages 5 of them are food and drink: Coca Cola (3), Starbucks (4), Oreo (7), Red Bull (8), Skittles (10). All those pages also have over a very healthy 16 million people following them too!

In the top 50 a whole host of other snacks and drinks come out to play too starting with Pringles in at number 15. Ferrero Rocher (17), Monster Energy (18), Nutella (19), Dr Pepper (22), Starburst (26), McDonalds (28), Reese’s (30), Taco Bell (32) all feature too. Starbucks even manages to get in with another 6 million fans with it’s Starbuck Frappuccino page.

But the question is, why are these pages so popular? The answer is tomorrow.

Eaten Today:

11.40 Salad
15.50 3 cake bars
19.00 Pasta bake and Pizza
20.30 Kit Kat (2 finger) Chocolate Fingers (1 finger)

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