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Test Tube Burger

June 29, 2011

We have done several posts on food security and the future of food. We are part of an ever-increasing population, which is going to take a lot of innovate feeding not possible in the current global food system.

It’s now possible for scientists to produce meat in a test tube. This could help significantly with climate change (meat production holds the top trump for its carbon footprint in the food industry) and food security. The ‘meat’ may not be traditional, but would you actually know if you were already eating it? The ‘meat’ in sausages for example, what if that was replaced with test tube meat? Personally I think it would be an improvement.

In coming years we can expect more of this type of thing, whether that is ethical or not may not be important when we’re facing a global food shortage

My day in food:

8:00 Toast x2
13:00 Chicken and basil pasta
15:00 Cake, strawberries and cream
18:30 Burger and chips

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