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Guess What Happened To My Pizza…

July 3, 2011

Picture this; you’re sitting in an garden bar under the beaming sun and alongside the glistening waterside of Plymouth Harbour. On the table sits an ice cold glass of Magners and if you lift your eyes just a little you’ll see the millionaire paradise of yachts gliding across the water, leaving their bubbling white trail.

You’re hungry. It’s nearly 3pm and you haven’t eaten anything since breakfast. As you sit there waiting for your pizza to land on your plate as your stomach rumbles. Then as if out of nowhere (although actually just out of the kitchen door) the waitress appears carrying what must be your pizza. The pizza that you have waited at least 20 minutes for. She places it on your table and before you get chance to pick up the first slice a seagull, that’s right a seagull (although it looked more like the size of an overweight chicken) has homed in and grabbed a slice of the prize between his beak.

As it happened there was too much food there anyway, but you can feel my frustration I’m sure!

Eaten Today:

08.40 Weetabix x2
11.00 Cheese, onion and coleslaw roll and ice cream
15.30 Garlic, Rocket, Sun Dried Tomato and Mozzarella Pizza (shared with a seagull)
20.50 Angel Delight with biscuits x4

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