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An Apology, a rare breakfast and a talk from Arthur Potts Dawson

July 4, 2011

I feel that my recent posts have strayed from the entire point of One Chicken Nugget. This is supposed to be an experiment, see what I eat, write it down for the world to see and explain it. There is room for the occasional essay for our food views, but I feel that my posts have become disconnected with what I’ve eaten in the day. For this, I apologise.

We made a commitment when we started this blog, to list all of the food we consume in every day, and we have to follow through this commitment to bring you our daily food news. We know how much you value it…

So today I’ve eaten a breakfast, something I’ve not done for a week or so. I don’t even know why I haven’t, I just haven’t. I was up particularly early today as Tash was starting a new job, which left me with a morning void usually filled with sleep, of course I filled this with eating coco pops.

I also managed to find three of the many minutes I had spare to watch the first three minutes of a Arthur Potts Dawson talk on TED (my new favorite website – used to be the Guardian). Here’s the video for all those interested…

Expect more TED videos in the future, it’s now my policy to watch at least one a day. This one is quite interesting, the guy behind the People’s Supermarket, talking about food waste and sustainability in one of his restaurants.

Today in food:

7:20 Coco pops
13:00 Beef salad sandwich and dairylee dunker
17:30 Papryka crisps
18:45 GOOD Lunch: Moroccan Roasted Chickpea, Carrot ad Quinoa salad (recipe here, picture below), followed by some custard creams

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