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A GOOD Lunch and an Interesting Talk From an 11 Year Old

July 5, 2011

Like almost every other human in the entire world, I like good food. However, not everyone in the world will like GOOD food. Today I had a GOOD lunch, which was the leftovers of my GOOD dinner the night before (it was a Moroccan salad).

GOOD is a website – an integrated media platform for people who want to live well and do good. So their lunches are supposed to be a multi-dimensional good – good for you, good for the planet and taste good. My GOOD lunch did it’s best but ended up far from multi-dimensional and was more flat boring and oniony.

Aside from my lunch, I did divulge into some good eating today and another first for the year – cherries! They were a healthy (good), and much needed, snack during a staff meeting at work.

I’ve said ‘good’ more than enough now… once more

Here is a good talk from an 11 year old titled “What’s wrong with our food system?”. For an 11 year old he has some pretty advanced ideas about the global food chain, but why shouldn’t he? I suppose you could say that if an 11 year old can think on this level, then so should the rest of us.

The rest of my day in food:

7:30 Bacon sandwich
12:20 Cherries
13:20 GOOD lunch (Moroccan salad)
15:00 Tea cake
18:45 Chilli con carne
20:30 Big buttons

Side note: However good GOOD is at being good, their spelling is bad (look at Moroccan in the title of the recipe)


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