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Cyprus Preview

July 5, 2011

Today I am travelling over to Protasas, Cyprus for 11 days to sample some of the finest Greek delicacies and treats I can find and in the meantime try and spill some of the culture back across to one of these finely articulated pages. I’m told the internet will cost me €6 per day, so a total of €66 to keep to my side of the blogging deal. I hope you enjoy it!

Get ready for some authentic Greek food!


Eaten Today:

05.45 toast with marmite
07.50 egg and bacon mcmuffin 
11.15 a few crisps 
12.30 pear drop
16.00 peanut m&m’s
21.00 Starter: cyprus salad, bread, dips and olives.
Main: Kleftico, Cypriot style roasted potatoes, meatballs.
Dessert: watermelon, little Cypriot cake thing (name to follow)
23.30 popcorn served with drinks

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