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Do We Do Lunch Wrong?

July 5, 2011

Today Laura and I were shopping in Westfield, London for some last minute holiday bits and didn’t get round to eating lunch until gone half three… Under normal rules of societal engagement, lunch is typically served between 12.00 and 14.00. Enforced by social institutions such as schools and workplaces we have become prone to eating at that time whether we’re hungry or not. If you don’t eat then you’re either the weird excitable IT geek that sits in the dimly lit office upstairs or the one that no one ever really sees eat.

clock at London St. Pancras

Photo Credit: Kevin R Boyd on Flickr

The times in which we eat are quite interesting really. They’re not the times we choose to eat but rather the times we’ve learnt to eat; just like the times we stop for forty winks and the hours between which most people work. They may not necessarily be the optimum times to do so, but nonetheless, hungry or merry, we’ll comply and eat between those enforced time zones.

Things that are different are weird. Things that are weird interest me. So you can only begin to imagine my excitement today when we had to queue to get into a 170 seated Nandos at 3.30. I was mildly fascinated with the social beings around me, all breaking the rules; all being naughty.

But perhaps this is a sign of new times. Societal and structural changes such as working from home are becoming all too familiar and making us question our eating habits, amongst other decisions. If we work best at night then maybe we should work at night and sleep at day and eat at half three. Maybe we already are.

Apple keyboard at night

Photo Credit: thomasheylen on Flickr

Eaten Today:

11.00 Cherry x2, Scrambled Egg on Toast
12.10 Slither of Chocolate Torte
15.30 Nando’s Single Chicken Breast, Olives, Fries x6 and very burnt Corn on the Cob
17.00 Carrot cake
21.10 Spinach and Cannelloni Pasta and Garlic Bread x2. Grapes.

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