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"Sugar Rush"

July 6, 2011

This is a Guest Nugget from Lor, read about his progress on the Ferriss Experiment here.

While a visit to the “LG Arena” in Birmingham doesn’t instantly motivate one to get up early on a Sunday morning, discovering that Canadian Über-band RUSH are playing there certainly makes it significantly more appealing! So armed with some marmite-toast and a sliced banana for breakfast, I trundled off to our local West Country train station to start the trek…


Sadly, its not very easy to get from the West Country to Birmingham by train but a 2 hour trip later at least got me half-way (Paddington). Time for a quick coffee and muffin before meeting up with fellow RUSH die-hard fans, Katrina and Kirstin. The twins had kindly found a nice vegetarian café near Ladbrook Grove, where we tucked into some really tasty Mediterranean fare.


Then a quick tube trip over to Euston and we caught the train to Birmingham International. As we checked into the hotel, Man. Utd were losing 2-1 to Blackpool and the twins insisted that we watch the match. By the time, we’d ordered and eaten the nachos, pizza and wedges, washed down with ample “Becks”, United had won the game 4-2.


The gig began relatively early (7:30pm) and with no support band, Rush would be commanding the stage for several hours! The LG Arena is reasonably well supplied with food outlets and while we didn’t partake of any baltis or pizzas, many others did. The band played on until just before 11pm, so back to the hotel for a final night-cap. Thanks Alex, Stuart and Geddy – great job!! Loved the “Moving Pitchers” joke – shame there was no flame-grilled!


All in all a nice venue and a great time was had by all!


Toast, Marmite, Banana



Mediterranean Salad (aubergines, pumpkin, bell peppers, green beans, peas, soya beans, cous-cous, olives, salad leaves)

Blueberry Muffin



Nackos, cheese, jalapenos

Mozarella Pizza,

Potato wedges & sweet-chilli mayo

Becks Beer

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