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CYPRUS Day 4: Why Breakfast isn't Dinner

July 9, 2011

Breakfast. “The most important meal of the day” they’ll tell you. “The meal that’ll set you up for the rest of the day”. Business deals are signed because the authoriser has eaten a good breakfast and his stomach is happily contented. A school child will score top of her class because she’s eaten the first meal. A holiday rep might even be more attentive to their guests because they’ve broken the night’s fast.

The breakfast served at the Odessa, where I’m staying, is a hearty one. The selection ranges far beyond breads or toast, cereal or fruits. Omelettes made to order, hot chocolate waffles, freshly squeezed juice, a selection of cheeses and all of the celebrities of the English breakfast parade themselves along the shiny aluminium surface. 

Sipping just grapefruit juice this morning at 07.05 (after marking my territory for the day with a spotted blue towel), my eyes glanced across prices charged to room only residents: 

Breakfast: €9,00
Lunch: €20,50
Dinner: €22,50

Having now experienced all three meals this hotel offers, I began thinking about the pricing strategy employed for the three meals. Overall I guess the most expensive to produce might be breakfast. Cakes, pastries, bacon, ham, eggs and all the other fruits, yoghurts and morning treats explained above must cost more to produce than buffets of frankly tasteless pasta, rice and bone-filled meat, surely. Even if the morning menu doesn’t cost as much as dinner, surely it doesn’t cost half as much? 

So there must be something else at play. Might one of them have a stronger brand than the other? Greater status? A more highly perceived quality? Personality, customer loyalty, identity, even equity?  Can all the basics of brand be applied to the socially constructed three meals we gnaw our way through every day? 

The answer appears obvious; yes. The brand ‘breakfast’ most simply serves one purpose, break the last night’s fast and provide us with enough energy to get through the next four hours or so. 

It isn’t served in elegant restaurants, with five sets of cutlery, neatly laid out on a mighty wooden table. It’s not served to you in the company of a group of your colleagues, closest friends or even large concessions of people you’ve barely met. The chances are the drinks menu won’t list French and Spanish aged bottles of overpriced liquids. 

Instead, breakfast is served to you, by you, still wearing last nights sleep on your face. Served in that cheap, partly cracked bowl, with steaming strong coffee in that cup so familiar no one else would dream drink from it. 

Breakfast isn’t cool, or fancy, or dressed up, or pretentious. Breakfast is just breakfast. €9 breakfast; even if I do sit enjoying it, basking in the morning sun, overlooking the motionless, blue water. 

Eaten Today:

07.05 No breakfast (just juice)
11.30 Kitkat Hazelnut Creme
12.45 Lunch Buffet (Score* ) French onion soup, Halloumi, Wedges, tomato, peppers, salad, roll.
Dinner: Pending…

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  1. Val permalink
    July 10, 2011 3:54 pm

    Why just juce today? What’s up?

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