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CYPRUS DAY 6: It Had to Happen…

July 11, 2011

Today in the blistering 100 degree fahrenheit heat of Nicosia we were hot and thirsty. Thirst like you can barely imagine. The kind of thirst where your head feels light and your lips like they might just fall off! This was only made worse by the earlier explosion that caused the country’s electricity to come to a halt (including the air conditioning!)

So in search of the first place that would serve us a bucket of Coca Cola, we found ourselves standing in a short queue; a short queue in McDonalds. And there it shone, bright like the sunshine burning down on your eyes: GREEK MAC €5,20.

My ‘sort of’ mission of this holiday was to avoid McDonalds in search of the more authentic (or rather traditional) recipes Cyprus has on it’s national menu, but when faced with the Greek Mac it’s honestly hard to turn down.

Until tomorrow.

Eaten Today:

07.40 Chocolate Waffle, Halloumi, Mini Croissant, Jam, Tomatoes, Roll.
12.20 Greek Mac, some Fries.
19.35 Starter: (Score* 6/10) Oriental salad, tomato and feta
Main: (Score* 4/10) Spicy pork, rice, spring roll, prawn, spinach pie, spinach pasta, fish. 
Dessert: (Score* 2/10) chocolate tiffin, cheesecake, Stilton and crackers.

* denotes Laura’s score of the food item and does not necessarily reflect the score of the author.

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