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CYPRUS DAY 9: Hot Weather Eat Less

July 14, 2011

There tends to be a general trait that when it’s hot you eat less. You laze in the sun without the energy to pull your tacky skin from the sun lounger’s plastic sheet into the restaurant. Food is less important, after all, in most simplistic terms, we eat to get fat and stay warm. If it’s already hot, it’s not advantageous to be lugging around the extra pounds.

How does that change on all inclusive holidays though? I’m not personally staying on this board (otherwise the ‘eaten today’ section may have become as dry as the toast I had this morning) but I’ve been closely observing those who are. Their ‘eaten today’ tosses that first theory out the window and I think it might look a little like this:

09.30 Sausage, bacon, beans, hash browns, fried bread, waffles, yoghurt, toast, apple and tea.
09.45 Pint of Keo Beer.
10.00 Pint of Frappé coffee.
11.00 Fruit cake, biscuits, another pint of coffee.
12.30 Spicy Wedges, pasta, salad, chicken Kiev, 2 bread rolls and a pint of Keo Beer.
13.00 Ice Cream.
13.50 Pint of Keo Beer with lemonade top.
14.40 Burger, chips and Corn on the cob.
15.30 Pint of Coke and a bag of crisps.
17.00 Another Ice cream
19.00 Dinner (3 course buffet – similar to mine) served with a bottle of Rose wine.
22.55 Cheeky kebab with all the trimmings after copious piña coladas. 

I have no idea how people are able to shovel this through their systems day in day out, but I have observed such antics even from those carrying only 15 or so stone. Does the urge of ‘getting your moneys worth’ override the bodies most primitive instincts? From what I’ve seen, I think it does.

Eaten Today:

09.00 Toast x3
13.55 Half a Halloumi and Tomato Pitta and some fries
17.40 Magic Stars Ice Cream

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  1. Steve permalink
    July 15, 2011 9:01 am

    I have to take issue with one point in your blog today Lee, you mention that you have observed people shoving large amounts of food in to their systems, “even from those carrying 15 or so stone” Does this mean that 15 stone is the watershed for being a lardy? Because if it is I may have to book myself on to one of these all inclusive holidays just to fulfill the stereotype!

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