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CYPRUS DAY 10: The People from Breakfast.

July 15, 2011

Following on from the post yesterday, maybe I’ve become more vigilant to people eating habits, but there was no missing ‘the people from breakfast’ as they’ll forever be known. I was absolutely shocked to see their breakfast. Shocked. 

First they appear normal, your average breakfast chompers. Woman ‘A’ and ‘Son’ bring to their table a rather hearty bowl of cereals, but don’t sit. The second time they emerge from the buffet they have another 2 bowls full of cheese, bread, hash browns, sausages, dates and butter. Still they return to their buffet counter. Still not finished and still looking reasonable consistent with other breakers. Third attempt they return from their voyage with 2 bowls of coffee and 2 fruit juices which glistens in the sun.

They weren’t finished; not just yet anyway. On their fourth and thankfully final dive into the buffet they return with the catch of the day!  Plate four was a big plate. Plate four was designed to hold an eleven item English breakfast, but to our surprise (and everyone in the vicinity) they were BOTH using it to hold nine doughnuts and three slices of cake. And do you know what the worst bit is? 

They cleaned up.

Eaten Today: 

08.45 Yoghurt, Orange, Mini Croissant, Halloumi Roll.
13.15 Half a McDonalds Meal shared with Laura. Greek Chicken Mac, Fries, Dime McFlurry.
19.00 Starter: Salad – lettuce, tomato, olives, cucumber, onions and bread roll.
Main: Pork Kebab Pieces, Mini Burger, Carrots, Rice, Curry.
Dessert: Cream Cake Slice, Kewi.

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