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The Challenge Multiplies

July 18, 2011

There’s a reason we’ve called One Chicken Nugget a challenge. It’s difficult, it wouldn’t be a challenge unless it was challenging. Nearly eight months in, you would think I would have got used to the daily process of recording every single morsel of food that passes my tongue. And I have, within just a month it was almost automatic. The notepad wasn’t needed and my brain had been trained to remember what it had decided for me to eat each day.

However, seven months down the line and my brain has been trained further. It not only remembers everything I’ve eaten, and approximate times each bite was taken, but it also spends the day thinking up stupid, pointless things to write about in the evening. This is the second challenging aspect.

Today was a fine example. Eating my lunch of a steak slice and a dairylee dunker, my brain began to ponder a theoretical article, “Dairylee Dunker: a journey in taste and texture”. Thinking that to be a novel article, one to capture the interest of an unsuspecting reader. I then wonder further on whether anybody has ever written an in-depth review of a dairylee dunker before, why wouldn’t they, people must have opinions on them? I could link in some demographics, how the dairylee dunker presents itself as a poor man’s cheese and biscuits. However, this thought process was cut short when my consciousness kicked in and I realised the stupidity of it.

Imagine if I made it as a food critic (something that’s quite unlikely for two reasons*) and abused my position to publish such drivel. It would be fantastic.

Back to my original point, the challenge. This challenge has become much more than a recording process, the challenge has multiplied into a lifestyle. No longer can my brain function as before, without caring that the world doesn’t know my thoughts on dairylee dunkers. This is the real challenge; putting up with my own ludicrous thoughts on food, a desire to look, in great yet meaningless detail, at the most insignificant snacks and above all spending the time each day to take great pleasure in forcing them upon yourselves.

The challenge continues.

8:00 Coco pops
13:20 Steak slice, dairylee dunker

*Two reasons I won’t make it as a food critic:

  1. I’m not trying to make it as a food critic
  2. I write about dairylee dunkers

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