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Funny Skittles

July 20, 2011

Those of you that spend copious amounts of time critically analysing the wondrous world of of food marketing and packaging, will realise that Skittles are a fun company and their Facebook page showcases that better than most.

12 million fans! This is what 12 million Skittles looks like. (Give or take 11,999,926.)

I don’t know who writes their posts on Facebook, but aside from being almost always absurd, their page is probably my favourite for some light hearted relief. At the time of writing Skittles has a whopping 18,687,259 which puts their page firmly within the Facebook hall of fame. Here is a collection of just some of the fun bursting out of their colourful stream:

“I wish pufferfish were better at accepting themselves for who they are.”

“How would you store and protect one million Skittles? It’s sort of an emergency.”

“I need to stop adopting every octopus that follows me home.”

“My dog accepted my friend request, but I think he just did it to be polite.”

“You snooze you lose, unless you’re competing in the world napping championships.”

“I can’t wait to unfriend my school for the summer.”

“Do you also worry about evil monkeys living in your closet?”

“Changed my relationship status from double to single rainbow. It’s complicated.”

“Never challenge a turtle to a breakdance battle. They can backspin forever.”

“My savings have started to disappear lately – I think my piggy bank is getting sneaky.”

“I like to take my goldfish out for a swim, but he hates wearing his leash.”

“Where would hip hop be without polar bears?”

“My cat thinks this robot vacuum cleaner is a taxi.”

“If you need something done, talk to an octopus. They’re great at multitasking.”

You might have noticed I chucked in a few extra red and purple ones!

Eaten Today:

07.40 Toast with Peanut Butter x6
11.00 Sesame Snap
13.00 Ham, Cheese, Lettuce and Red Onion Sandwich with Double Decker
15.50 Skittles
20.10 Pizza, garlic bread, angel delight

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