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Matt Chan's Thai Green Curry

July 21, 2011

Tonight Matt was first to cook in a two meal come dine with me style spectacular and went with his famous Thai Green Curry. Here is what I think his recipe was:

Thai Green Curry Recipe

Photo Credit 'formalfallacy @ Dublin (Victor)' on Flickr


Rice, Chicken, Thai Green Curry Paste, coconut milk, onions x4, spinach, mushrooms.


Start by adding the rice to boiling salty water for the stated time.

In a large wok add oil on a high heat and add onions and mushrooms.
Next turn the heat down and add the green paste and a tin of coconut milk.
Then toss in the strips of chicken breast and leave to simmer.
Finally stir in the spinach and leave for a further three minutes.

Serve up the delicious simple treat.

(People may tell you variations can include coriander, lime juice, mange tout, green peppers, green chilli, lemongrass, garlic, ginger and perhaps even a little red chilli. To those people you should tell them this is Matt Chan Thai Green Curry – Simple but very tasty and effective and most of that stuff is in the paste!

Eaten Today:

07.20 Cheerios
11.00 Danish with strong black coffee
12.30 Lasagne at Positanos Plymouth
20.00 Matt Chan’s Thai Green Curry
21.00 Ice Cream, chocolate peanuts, clementine x2

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