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Do F1 Cars Make You Thirsty?

July 30, 2011

Watching the qualifying for the f1 today and I was looking at some of the sponsors. Martin Brundle noted that some cars were out early (in qualifying) to get the sponsors some air-time.

One of the leading teams is Red Bull, now their name suggests some pretty heavy sponsoring, and it’s not just on the red bull cars either. They also sponsor the Toro Rosso team too, which begs the question, does this sponsorship raise sales? (I guess its not as straight forward as this and in some round about way it will improve their business somehow).

They must be spending a lot of money on this sponsorship, so perhaps they think that watching f1 makes you thirsty? It made me thirsty, but I reached for a coke…

One more thing; they do cool videos

Eaten today:
11:00 Crunchy nut corn flakes
13:00 Flapjack, fishcakes
18:45 Sweet and sour chicken, rice
20:00 Ice cream

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