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Best Street Vendor Outside Arsenal

July 31, 2011

Emirates food

If you have the privilege of watching Arsenal play at the Emirates (and if you’re as lucky as me you’ll even get to see them draw 1-1 against a drinks brand and come third in our own cup of four teams), then at some point you’ll get hungry. If that happens you have a choice; a choice that’s extended even further if you’re not confined within the stadium gates.

If you’ve already entered through the turnstiles then you’re limited to overpriced and frankly dull pies, hot dogs or burgers. When your still outside the range is extended by a few street vendors who make eating at the football a bit more exiting. So if you’re looking for the most exiting food at the Emirates, look no further than the Korean style Bul-go-gi BBQ steak baguettes, which are carefully marinaded for 24 hours and served in a fresh baguette for £3.50.

Eaten Today:

10.20 Special K Honey Clusters.
14.00 Steak baguette (marinaded in beer, garlic, soy sauce, fruit, onion).
18.55 Some (2 for a £1) sweets (bon bon, strawberry lace, milk bottles).
20.10 Val’s Chicken and Pepper and Chicken Nugget Mexican Wraps with Guacamole, Sour Cream and Salad.
22.05 Chris’ Dairy Milk Whole Nut (6 squares for the record).

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