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Top 10 Best Food Smells

August 4, 2011

I’ve always said you eat with your nose and in the morning, I like nothing more than to wake up to the smell of fresh bread, bacon or coffee. Even better, all three. So today I’ve thought I’d whet your appetite a little with my top 10 best food smells:

10. Mint. Probably the most personal on my list, but you can’t beat it on new potatoes, or even better, crushed with lime in a Mojito!
9. Popcorn the microwave version.
8. Garlic! Strong Garlic.
7. BBQ’d meat crisping over hot charcoals.
6. Slow Cooked Lamb left to braise in the oven from first thing in the morning.
5. Mulled Wine off a street vendor in the snowy Christmas markets of Berlin.
4. Roasting Meat Joint on a Sunday Afternoon
3. Fresh Coffee brewing in the Bodum French Press.
2. Bread straight from the oven.
1. Bacon especially fried bacon!

Eaten Today:

08.15 Jordan’s Cereal
12.15 Sun Kissed Tomato Pastry with garlic bread and a salad. Then a Double decker.
15.30 Skittles and 1x Starburst
17.50 Pesto Tagliatelle
20.00 Wispa
21.55 Peanut Butter on Toast

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  1. Danielle-Elyse Fordham permalink
    August 4, 2011 10:54 pm

    Dinky Donuts and candyfloss should definitely be on this list!!

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