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Dear (oh dear) Toby Carvery Plymouth,

August 7, 2011

Tonight Toby Carvery Plymouth earned itself a place on my awful dinners hall of fame for a plethora of problems I experienced from the moment I stepped through the door to the torrential rain that beat down on my shirt as I left. Some of the issues I can accept and overlook, such as the rain, the card machine failing, the lengthy wait, and the waiter mistaking my name (Lee) for Lewis, or the receipt shortening the word carvery to ‘carvy’, for example.

Unfortunately those weren’t the only troubles I had during my dinner prepared, rather controversially, ‘Just as it should be’. In true OCN style here is my bullet point review of Sunday Roast, starting with the positives:


+ The English Mustard.
+ Refund for food given.


– Brown water served under the pretence of ‘beef gravy’.
– The age old problem of humid room temperature, yet cold food (it’s still offensive).
– The mouth workout (by which I mean booty, chewy, fatty, beef).
– Soggy Yorkshire Flan, not the crunchy pudding ‘just as they should be’.
– Sweaty (possibly boiled) roast potatoes which were also dished up in Lukeish warm style.
– Comically slow and inattentive service. Highlights include the bill being slung on the table with ‘Settle up when your ready’ being muttered as the waitress rambled off.
– The manager was happy to oblige to a refund although completely disinterested in the reasons why he was giving it.
– The Table (see below).
– Ingredients advertised on the website such as parsnips, swede and roasted onions were unaccounted for.

Overall, I left disgruntled with the service and the food we received (apart from the mustard). The impression I got from the staff was this is business as usual at Toby Carvery.

Review in Pictures:

Eaten Today:

10.50 Fried egg and bacon on toast
13.45 Wispa
15.15 Some bacon fries and one pork cruncher
19.05 Abysmal Carvery – turkey, beef, stuffing, Yorkshire flan, boiled roast potatoes, carrots, peas, cabbage, brown water and good English mustard.
21.00 Chocolate ice cream

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