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Riot Food

August 9, 2011

Debenhams and the Sony Centre are two of the iconic superstores that have made headlines for the abysmal looting that has broken out across the UK in the last few nights. Something that has seemed to bypass mainstream news (understandably), is the hunger that seems to have hit these looters. A quick bit of research yields interesting results with multiple restaurants and fast food chains being hit. Names like Nando’s, McDonalds, Greggs, Starbucks, and many more have suffered the consequences of hungry looters.

London Riots

It seems difficult to comprehend why such anarchy has taken place this week other than mindless greed and lawlessness. What is for sure is that this greed is also fuelled by looters stomachs, with some reports of looter taking simply sausage rolls and cakes from Greggs…

Note: Thanks to iSozial for their help gathering the pictures for today’s post.

Eaten Today:

07.30 Croissant x3 with peanut butter (very weird)
12.35 BLT sandwich, Chocolate Brownie
16.30 BLT sandwich
20.15 Lasagne with garlic bread, rubbish olives and wedges.
23.10 Angel Delight

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